GameGeist: A New Hope

Back in 2016, there was a massive explosion of gaming content and mass adoption, it was a different time where new models were being created, indie developers were growing with incredible and creative new proposals and E-Sports got massive mainstream support.

That´s when I thought it was the beginning of the Age of gaming, where gamification would take up every part of our lives, and willingly/awarely or not everyone would become a gamer in one way or the other.

So I decided to create a gaming blog and channel focused mainly on Spanish indie devs with a little bit of unboxing and general reviews with the concept of Game= self-explanatory and Zeitgeist= Spirit of the age thus creating GameGeist.

The project for many personal and focus factors didn’t take off as I wanted but the idea remained as a part of me (and my brother’s encouragement) always thought that someday somehow I would be able to take back that concept and project and develop it in a new way.

Enter January 2021 after a year where everyone´s life and expectations changed dramatically because of all the worldly events and after many years of getting slowly but surely into the Crypto world, I found a special place, one filled with hopes, dreams, new proposals and a very committed and open community, Decentraland.

At first, I thought as many that it was a new kind of like «second-life» game, but as the days (and nights) passed I was shown an increasing almost overwhelming amount of info and content that showed me that it was so much more, one moment I was mining some meteors for a future promise of crafting a new thing to me Called NFTs, the other I was discussing with new and interesting people about life and crypto world, then I was playing in a virtual casino that airdropped me prizes even though I was playing free(never in my life I enjoyed casinos before this as I´m not much of a gambler), I even got to talk with a NASA scientist on her father’s virtual club while listening to Damien Rice´s masterpiece The blower’s daughter.

Then one day a funny thing happened that changed my vision completely and showed me a brand new world, one of my virtual meteor mining friends gave me a referral code to a browser game called Ethermon, so I tried it a bit it was ok, a browser game with idle battles, but as I was multitasking as you do, and continuing my exploration on Decentraland I see in a random plot said Ethermon Namely «Kyari» was standing right in front of me as a 3D model, this blew my mind and the implications of this discovery would be an incredible info gathering adventure and the foundation of a New hope for GameGeist and who knows maybe to the world.

I´ll be back soon with part 2 of this introduction but I promise you, stay tuned cause you won’t be disappointed.

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